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Course in learning design and storyboards

Learn to make good storyboards for e-learning courses

How do I write a storyboard? How do I create a good flow in the course? What to wonder for to the students learn something? Should there be exercises - and what should it be? Is a video better than an animation? Or should I choose speak? All these questions (and many more) you can get answers on the course.


What do you get out of it?

The course gives you insight into how to create a good educational design that gets students into the net, and how to write a storyboard that gives the desired result. The course takes you through all aspects of learning design, and you get specific tools to take on tasks.


After the course you will know:

  • How to create good learning objectives - and why it is essential for the course success
  • What you need to pay special attention to the planning and organization of the project
  • How to create a good educational design, so the course is effective. That is how to structure the course, choose instruments and media. You get a basic understanding of learning processes, which is directly applicable in the course design.
  • How do you write a storyboard that can be read, understood and produced
  • What you need to pay special attention to when writing speaks and texts, and how to make good presentations and provide good feedback

You will be working actively with all the tasks on the course, so you will have tried the tools in practice.


Who can benefit from the course?

The course is for those who want a basic tool box with tools, so you can write storyboards - whether you still have your first storyboard for good, or whether you have already tried their hand at the discipline.


You may:

  • Fageksperten to dress your employees within your field
  • The trainer, who will transform the face 'training to e-learning
  • HR consultant, to develop employees' skills
  • Communications officer, who would like to take e-learning in use as a communication method
  • Or...

It requires neither educational, graphic or technical conditions to participate in the course.


Who teaches?

The course is held by our learning designer Dorte Wiborg, who has over 12 years experience in the design of e-learning in a wide range of topics.


Course Length: 2 days

The course can be ordered both as an internal training with you, or you can join one of our open courses.

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