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E-learning course production

Production of customized e-learning content

Save time & resources

Vestergaard & Co develops and produces customized e-learning courses, tailored according to the culture, wants and needs of your company - and at a very competitive price. 

We have an excellent understanding of businesses within most industries. This is combined with our extensive knowledge and many years of experience within learning design, course production and e-learning in general. We are therefore able to advise you about your e-learning strategy and the development of courses that fit your specific business case. 


E-learning that matches your organization's need for learning and skills development

Design and course development is performed in close corporation with you. In that way we make sure, that the courses match your corporate tone and identity and with the exact content and learning, that you want your learners to acquire. We are flexible and with a proven system and workflow throughout the project. We always do our best to live up to and even exceed our clients' high expectations from the initial meeting to the final course is ready - that is what we call e-learning that works!

 e-learning kursus produktion

Effective e-learning is:
Entertaining, inspiring, informal, convincing and with a high level of relevant learning.

What is e-learning?

In general, e-learning is all kinds of distance learning using digital tools of any kind. Often with some sort of reporting and tests to measure user activity and progress. E-learning gives your employees the possibility of acquiring knowledge at their own pace and when they have time to do it.

Almost no matter what the employees need to learn, e-learning is an effective and flexible solution to ensure, that the employees reach the wanted level of expertise. Furthermore you can take advantage of social learning and knowledge sharing through reviews, forums, coaching, webinars etc.


E-learning production

At Vestergaard & Co we can help produce your e-learning courses from A-Z.

The foundation of a good e-learning course production starts with the storyboard (manuscript). Through dialog between your subject matter experts and our instructional designers, we make sure that the course with contain the right content, is presented in an interesting and modern way based on the leading principles and learning styles. That is the optimal way to meet the learning goals of the course.

Our content developers and graphic designers then produce the course based on the approved storyboard. Production is done with market leading tools and we are always on the edge with regards to technical standards within e-learning.

Audio and video is often part of a good course. These elements we also produce through our partnerships with professional speakers and video producers.  

Our team is professional and creative and we are always seeking new ways of making our e-learning productions engaging and interesting. We use all types of content and elements to achieve that. For instance animations, drawn characters, storytelling, scenarios, gamification, video, audio etc.

Often our e-learning courses are made up of several chunks of learning. That way the learners can learn in smaller portions and split their learnings over a longer period to achieve a better learning curve. The e-learning courses can also be part of a blended learning approach as pre- or post learning in connection with webinars, instructor led training or similar.

Vestergaard & Co has experience with many industries and you are always ensured innovative solutions that meet your requirements. 


Technical aspects

Courses can be developed as HTML5 and/or Flash. Furthermore we can publish according to various e-learning standards such as SCORM, AICC and TinCan (xAPI). These standards enable the courses to be used in an LMS (Learning Management System).

If you need your courses to be used across devices including smartphones, we can make courses either responsive or scalable. That way, your learners can learn across any device from PC to tablet and phone. And across browsers and operating systems including Apple iOS.