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Authoring tools

We have experience with all the leading authoring tools on the market

In order to produce engaging e-learning courses in good quality, you should invest in an authoring tool ( "authoring tool" in English).

Someone learning management systems have good enough little manufacturing capabilities built in, but these are usually too limited.

An authoring tool is a type of software that enables e-learning courses can be built and contain lots of different types of elements such as text, images, animations, video, sound / speakers, quiz questions, buttons and many other interactive elements.

There are many different providers of authoring tools, but by Vestergaard & Co, we have chosen to work with the world's best authoring tools.

The 4 we have chosen to focus on, you can read more about here. They each have different strengths.

Adobe Captivate
The world's most widely used authoring tool. Here you have the opportunity to do virtually anything you want. Is especially strong for screen shots and system training, but also has strengths in other types of e-learning courses. Has also got opportunities to low responsive rates - ie courses which adapts to the device user takes his training at (PC, tablet, smartphone). This is still a relatively heavy process in Captivate. Furthermore, the program is not born with so many "delicious" features selected for you as a course developer in advance. Vestergaard & Co teach the program, but purchased directly at www.adobe.com.

Articulate Storyline
Second most used authoring tool in the world, but the program is gaining market share at present. Is not quite as technical as Captivate and thus slightly easier to "go to". Have some cool features and options, but can not make responsive courses. Is not as strong as Captivate when talking screen shots and system training. Vestergaard & Co can teach it, but the program purchased at www.articulate.com.


Vestergaard & Co is Scandinavian distributor of the smart new authoring tool Elucidat. Elucidat is opposite Captivate and Storyline, a cloud-based application. This means that your files located in the "cloud" and thus can be accessed anywhere. In thus does not install any software on your computers. Elucidat is a super program, as it can make 100% responsive courses, adapted to all types of devices. This means that the course customize the size and appearance depending on which device student sitting on. This allows your students take e-learning courses from both computer tablets and smartphones. The course production is very simple and quick. Elucidat is optimal for mobile learning, but do not have built-in options for screen recordings. Elucidat has already won a number of e-learning awards. Read more about Elucidat.

gomo learning
Vestergaard & Co is a distributor in Scandinavia of the other upcoming authoring tool for mobile courses - it's called gomo. gomo is different and brilliant on several parameters. Like Elucidat is also a cloud product and can create responsive courses. It is slightly more technical than Elucidat, in turn, has other advantages. gomo has also won several awards already and both Eluciat and gomo growths much and creates new opportunities for rapid production of courses for all devices. gomo also offers also a hosting solution for customers who do not have a decidedly LMS. Read more about gomo.