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Postnord e-learning

B Letter - E for Efficiency

New e-learning course ensures PostNord Denmark uniform quality and saves time.

Each day brings PostNord's messengers and drivers thousands of packages out to Danish businesses and households. Some of them contain so-called dangerous goods in limited quantities, which require extra attention. It is therefore a legal requirement that all production workers and other employees who handle these shipments take a course to ensure that the cargo handled.

So far, this training took place in the local units in the individual manager or boss who is responsible for teaching the course for the unit's staff - and then document their participation.

It has not been an optimal solution. First of all, it was an extra task for both employees and managers / executives to be integrated into daily operations. It has also been a challenge to achieve a uniform quality of teaching, and it has been a challenge to get dressed new employees quickly.


The answer to these challenges has been e-learning course "Transport of dangerous goods in limited quantities".

postnord e-learning kursus

Map of the course

The course "Transport of dangerous goods in limited quantities" provides employees with knowledge of what dangerous is how it should be handled, and what to do if an accident occurs.

Vestergaard & Co has been responsible for the entire development process from storyboard to final production course. The course has become the basis of the existing course material and with PostNord Safety Officer and the HR department on the sidelines. The end result has been a course of approximately 25 minutes, through storytelling, graphics, images, narration and ongoing activities makes it a little dry usually substance to an empowering learning experience.

The course ends with a test that proves that employees now have the knowledge.


Targeted course

The word target has played a key role in the development of the course.

PostNord Denmark embraces many various employee groups with different preferences and requirements when it comes to e-learning. Therefore, there is a strong focus on target prices for each audience. This also applies to "Transport of Dangerous Goods" course: "We've got a course that in its communication target the group of employees, both in terms of language, graphics, tempo, activities and tasks in the course. And from previous courses, we know that it is crucial for the results, "says Tina Christensen, HR consultant at PostNord Denmark.


Less time spent and documentation

E-learning course is not yet rolled fully throughout the organization, but Tina Christensen is no doubt that it is going to save time all around the organization.

The leader must be no longer spend time and mental energy to prepare and organize the course, and documentation work has become less: It automatically detects when employees have completed the course. Overall, this means that individual managers can spend time on other tasks.

The manager's time could have been released similar by sending employees on courses out of the city, for example in a labor market training course. The solution has been excluded because it is more time consuming for employees than necessary because education does not target the individual company. The advantage of e-learning course is that it focuses on specific issues and situations, PostNord employees encounter in their daily lives. Why spend half a day on something that can be done in half an hour?


Greater flexibility

Just as important as the reduced time is the flexibility of e-learning course provides. It now makes it possible to fit the course in each employee's tasks and schedules, and the individual manager can decide whether employees must undergo the course individually or in teams.

This makes it easier to ensure that everyone gets completed the course when it absolutely must be done Tuesday. November 1 pm. 10 for the whole team. The flexibility of great value, for the record got to get out ...

It also means that new employees can quickly get the required knowledge - without the head must stack a course on the legs for a single employees.


Consistent quality

E-learning training ensures that all employees now receive exactly the same information served in exactly the same way. When people are talking about dangerous goods across the organization, it is with the same words and the same frame of reference. The same is obviously difficult to achieve when a course is held by many and different leaders how good they are.

E-learning course is a guarantee that employees receive all the required information, as required by law for teaching observed. The course can also be updated when the rules and guidelines change. This relieves the individual leader also of having to keep track of whether the version of the training material, they have lying which is the newest.


More wants more

"Transport of Dangerous Goods" is not the first e-learning course in PostNord Denmark. E-learning is used in a wide range of areas for all groups of employees, and employees and managers in both the administration as units of production demand more e-learning. Therefore, the course will not be the last.

On the contrary, the plan according to Tina Christensen that several of the future courses and training in PostNord Denmark becomes digital. "We find it difficult to do without the employees in full and half days - whether it's mail carrier, customer consultant or staff employee. With e-learning, we can offer our employees more training than we might otherwise. "



"When we put a development project out of the house, it is important for us that the supplier is able even to lift the entire job - no, we have to shoot a lot of hours in the project. And it can Vestergaard & Co.

Vestergaard & Co has an impressive ability to quickly familiarize themselves with our subject areas and translate it into focused and engaging courses that affects our desires spot on - both in terms of graphic expression, educational quality and use of media and technology options. Every time we put a development project with them, we are confident that they deliver a high quality."


Tina Christensen, HR consultant at PostNord Denmark