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L-AUS course online

Live working? Take the statutory L-AUS course as e-learning

L-AUS kursus

Does your employees work on or near the plant under stress, this L-AUS course is required by law once a year.

For a company to obtain and maintain certification in Denmark must meet requirements for Safety Quality System (SKS) as L-AUS is a part of.

Work on the plant under stress is always associated with some risk and consequences of an accident can be extensive. This L-AUS course is very important as it helps to minimize the risk of accidents.

L-AUS e-learning course through the export of L-AUS work and its working methods, tools, protection and use.

Examination of the relevant paragraphs from stærkstømsbekendtgørelsen and the practical implications of these.

Knowledge of appropriate first aid - but note that L-AUS course is not a first aid course.

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L-AUS course offered through our learning management system (LMS) where your employees can access the course around the clock.

The course is offered in Danish, English and German.

If you own a large company, we can create all your employees and comprehensive report and document their activity and implementation. Thus, we stand for the entire administration and documentation for you, that you always comply with the law.

Upon completion of L-AUS course, the employee receives a certificate that can be printed and used as evidence.

There is also the option to buy the course through our webshop.

Price. user - DKK 595 excl. VAT (volume discounts when purchasing multiple licenses).

See L-AUS course product sheet here